Urbana, Maryland is a small community packed with many things to do while visiting. If you like the wilderness, then this is a must see for yourself. There are many trails and parks around this area. It is advocated that you park your car and take a walk to get the feel for the land. When visiting Urbana, you will see many of the residents enjoying the wilderness. They may be sitting on a park bench watching the animals and kids alike playing. You will also see joggers getting their exercise.

Urbana District Park

This park is a destination you must stop at. This 95-acre park can be found on Route 355. This park was designed to provide athletic facilities and recreation spots for the county. If you are an active individual or even one who likes taking it all in, you need to see this park. There is something for everyone here.

Shafer’s Mill Recreation Center

This mill hosts a recreational pool and fitness centers within Urbana. Reservations and memberships may be required to enjoy the, much talked about, pool area. Most of the amenities here are provided to the Association members within Urbana.

These places are just a couple of the many attractions to visit while at Urbana. If you like the outdoors, you should explore this area.

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