Mattress Cleaning

File:CDC 11739 Cimex lectularius SEM.jpgIt could be said that the bedroom is one of the dirtiest rooms in the house. We spent up to one third of our lives in our beds. If you knew the amount of dead skin cells, live dust mites, dead dust mites and dust mite excrement in your mattress you would have your mattress cleaned on a regular schedule. People don’t think of having their mattress cleaned because they don’t realize the amount of contaminants that they lay on every night. Up to 10% of the general population and 90% of people with allergic asthma are prone to allergic reactions to dust mite feces. Dust mites live by ingesting the skin we lose on a daily basis. They produce 200 times their body weight in excrement in their lifespan. We shed somewhere between one half to almost a full pound of skin a year.

A good portion of this ends up in our mattresses. One female dust mite can lay up to 300 eggs. Your mattress could be home for up to 2 MILLION Dust mites. No matter how clean you keep your home you will still have dust mites. The best way to remove them is to use Hot Water Extraction. We have a five step mattress cleaning process. Our process starts with our IICRC certified technician doing an evaluation of your mattress. Once we have done this we can begin the cleaning process. The first step is to vacuum the mattress. Then we pre-treat the mattress with a disinfectant. The next step is to use our state of the art truck mounted equipment to steam clean your mattress. Next we add an allergen treatment. Then we put a fabric protectant on the mattress. The final step is to place a high powered blower to speed up the drying process. Call Curtis Fiber Cleaning today and schedule your appointment for mattress cleaning, you are sure to be satisfied with our attention to detail along with our outstanding commitment to customer service. Remember we offer a 100% satisfaction on all of our services. When you need a cleaning expert in the Maryland, DC and Northern Virginia areas make sure to call Curtis Fiber Cleaning. Mattress cleaning is a good step towards improving your indoor air quality. Removing the indoor contaminants from carpet, furniture, mattresses, and air ducts greatly improves indoor air quality. Make sure to ask us about our other services.