Host carpet Cleaning

One of our Green Carpet Cleaning options is Host Carpet Cleaning. Host Carpet Cleaning is a Dry Extraction process. Carpets are ready to use immediately after we are done cleaning. The Host cleaning process is green seal certified. Host is one of the most environmentally friendly ways to deep clean your carpets. Not only does it remove soil but it also removes 94% of dust mite allergens and 97% of mold spores.

It also removes a large portion of other allergens from cats, dogs, dust and pollen. This is a great thing for anyone looking to improve their indoor air quality. People with asthma and allergies know just how important the removal of these indoor contaminants can be. Not only is Host Dry extraction process effective but it is also a renewable cleaning method. The United States Department of Agricultural has certified that Host Dry extraction cleaners are 100% certified Biobased. Host is the only Dry carpet cleaner to get this Biopreferred rating. Made of 100% plant based resources and a small amount of water Host Carpet cleaner is an effective Green cleaning choice. Not only is Host Carpet Cleaning a good choice for our residential customers but our commercial customers can benefit greatly from this method as well. We can put a commercial maintenance schedule together that is customized to your exact needs. Weather it is for a condo building, apartment building or office space we can tailor it to your needs and budget.